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The Mississippi Society of Washington, D.C. is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the best interests of our state in our nation’s capital. Founded in 1892, the Mississippi Society is the second oldest active state society in Washington.


Join the Mississippi Society, get connected with other Mississippians, and receive free or discounted admission to the following 2023 events:


Mardi Gras Party

Cherry Blossom Reception

Mississippi on the Mall

Fall Event

Holiday Reception

Annual membership dues are $40 per person and $75 per family.

Please note: Family memberships are for spouses/family members only.


Members will also receive access into one-off member-only events, a subscription to our quarterly e-newsletter, door prize entries, and the opportunity to give back to the state of Mississippi through multiple philanthropic events.

Stay Tuned for 2023 Membership Renewals
Please note that memberships are annual,
beginning on January 1, 2023, and ending on
December 31, 2023.
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